2020-5 Christmas greetings from Larry and Jane Kies

Dear friends and family, Our experiences this Christmas will no doubt be very different. It makes me think that the very first Christmas must have been, in addition to the wonder of it all, an unusual and life-changing experience for many people. We wish you a joyful and wonderful Christmas in whatever way you mayContinue reading “2020-5 Christmas greetings from Larry and Jane Kies”

Update from Mutare August 2020

“I have appeared …to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen of me and what i will show you.” Acts:26:16 Larry and Jane Kies NewsletterVol 34 No 3August, 2020 Africa University, P.O. Box 1320Mutare, Zimbabwe   Dear friends and family,Greetings from Zimbabwe, where along with most of the worldContinue reading “Update from Mutare August 2020”